Shift into High Gear

✔ Press releases, race reports, website and social media content

✔ Magazine articles

✔ Strategic communications and marketing plan

✔ Get noticed and make more money

Spinning Wheels. Shifting gears.

High Gear Success is a motorsports communications and marketing strategy company that seeks to help motorsports businesses, event organizers and riders get noticed and make more money. 

Fueled by passion, Heather Wilson, CEO, focuses strategies on engagement and awareness in order to drive results. 


Get You Where You Want to Be

Assess where you are currently and where you want to be

Brand Analysis

Review your brand, image and influence


Content Creation

Create a structured plan for your social media, website and other marketing avenues

Years Professional Experience

Years of Riding Motorcycles

Goal: To Help You Succeed

Get Noticed

Pinpoint opportunities to increase publicity

Income Opportunities

Identify revenue stream possibilities

Get Connected

Build relationships with companies, sponsors, fans and customers