Filming Gnarly Motorcycle Tricks and Documenting Distance Jumps

Jay Schweitzer – Filmmaker/Cinematographer – has more than 25 years of experience filming some of the biggest names in freestyle motocross and natural terrain riding. He joins Clint Esposito and myself to talk about how he got into filming and how his career has progressed. 

We also talk about Clint’s 2 Wheels to Freedom Fest weekend and my trip to Georgia to cover the ATV Motocross National Championship for a client.

Everybody’s celebrating the golden years of FMX right now, it seems like.” 

Clint Esposito, Co-Host of Pit Pass Moto

“You know, those days, at least for me, were the most fun days. Because honestly, as far as making a movie, there was no pressure because it was still all pretty new and the sport was developing so quickly.

And the tricks, it’s like every week there was a new trick or new this or new that.

Look, it’s been great to have the energy drinks come in because, you know, it put an influx of money and marketing dollars into the sport to produce bigger events, better content, and just honestly put the sport in a mainstream place that it wasn’t quite there before.

But I just remembered how crazy it was back then and, you know, when Moto first got inducted into X Games and the after parties and just how nuts it was.

Jay Schweitzer – Filmmaker/Cinematographer