Sponsorship Deck and Proposals

You’re climbing the standings in the series you race, and you’re looking for ways to grow your sponsors and support your racing program.

I can help you design a proposal that will encourage sponsors to join your team. We’ll showcase your skills and results, while conveying what you will do in exchange of sponsorship (promotion of their products or services, logos on race machine, press releases recapping racing results, etc.)

Sponsorship decks start at $300. You’ll receive a PDF as a final product.


Heather did an amazing job on my racer resume. Three days after receiving it, I sent it to the tire company we use, and the sponsorship rep was BLOWN AWAY with how it looked and the organization of it! It landed me a tire sponsorship for the 2023 season!
Mike G

Heather was great to work with, got the project done quickly and accurately and has stayed in good communication since!
Tyler & Sarah S