Racer Resumes

If you’re a racer, you know how expensive racing can be. Sponsors can help ease the expense through product discounts, product support or even monetary bonuses.

Racer resumes are a great start to recruit sponsors. You’re focused on training, traveling and racing. I can support you by creating an organized and professional racer resume that showcases your accomplishments and future goals.

After completing the “Request a resume” form on this page, you’ll send me a list of your racing accomplishments, series raced, future goals, etc. (I’ll walk you through everything I need.)

I will clean up and boost your wording to be the most effective for the sponsorship(s) you’re applying for.

Below are samples of designs for your reference, but these are not the only colors or layout options. I am continually creating new designs.

Resumes start at $150 for editing and design. You’ll receive a PDF as a final product.

The following year, it will only be $50 for minor text/image updates.

I heard back from FLY Racing already. That one deal more than makes up for the cost of having you do the resume for me. For that, I am super thankful to you for all of your help.

Jeremy P.

Heather did an amazing job on my racer resume. Three days after receiving my resume from Heather, I sent it to the tire company we use, and the sponsorship rep was BLOWN AWAY with how it looked and the organization of it! It landed me a tire sponsorship!
Michael G.

Make the Most of Your Racer Resume

Want to create a racer resume on your own? Grab my tips on what to include in the racer resume so you can appeal to sponsors. 

Get tips on your resume and sponsor relationships