More than 30 Years of Fun and Work involving Two Wheels

Brian Healea – Strategic Business Manager at MV Agusta North America joins Clint Esposito and myself to talk about his track racing days, how he got started working in the motorcycle industry, and where he is today.

We also talk about Clint’s trip to Supercross in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 

“What’s it like trying to get the bike set up for four people to all be like, “I like the way this is set up?'”

Clint Esposito, Co-Host of Pit Pass Moto

“Well, it’s kind of unfortunate… but you take the fastest guy, right? You set it up for them, because, I mean, they’re the ones that are going to get you your best chance. Because the fastest rider was always the first, and then they would ride again at the end.

So, the concept was they’d start and finish strong, and we’d always try to set the bike up for the fastest rider. And then for the second fastest rider, it wasn’t too bad. But for the slowest one, it probably wasn’t the greatest bike to be on, I suppose.

And none of us were the same weight either. So we’d have a guy that was 200 pounds and another guy that was 140 pounds. So, you set it up for the 140 fast kid, and then the 200 pound guy gets on it and it’s like, “Whoa, this is way weird.'”

Brian Healea, Strategic Business Manager at MV Agusta