4130 Motorsports’ Max Lindquist Notches Seventh in Pro Class For 2023 Season

HURRICANE MILLS, Tenn. – The final round of the ATV Motocross National Championship Series (ATVMX) season, held at the iconic Loretta Lynn Ranch, gave competitors sloppy and tough conditions as they battled to earn precious points to close out the season. Rain pounded the valley in the week leading up to the race, and it didn’t spare riders during their race weekend either. As is typical for this time of the year at the venue, the almost unbearable hot and humid conditions ravaged competitors’ stamina.

The AMA National Championship series saw 4130 Motorsports’ Jayden Londerville end his season fourth in the pro sport standings and ranked fifth in the pro-am class. He took 3-16 in pro sport for 13th overall at Loretta Lynn Ranch and 5-DNS in pro-am for 15th overall.

Teammate Max Lindquist rounded out his steady season with another strong performance, scoring seventh in Moto 1 and eighth in Moto 2.

Jayden Londerville ended the season ranked fourth in the pro sport class and fifth in pro-am. Photo credit: Tremellen Media House

Track conditions worsened as racers were poised to put in their final motos of the season. Moto 1 saw Lindquist pull a start inside of the top 10 and steadily work his way up to seventh before the halfway point. Running a solid pace, he held the spot all the way to the finish.

Lindquist, hailing from Wisconsin, powered his Yamaha into seventh after the start of the second moto. Within a few laps, he completed a pass to move into sixth. Nearing the end of the race, he got a flat tire and slipped back to eighth.

His 7-8 finishes earned him eighth overall at the final round of the 2023 season.

“The conditions at Loretta Lynn Ranch were a hard way to end the season,” said Lindquist. “Having mud motos is never fun, especially for the last race of 2023. I felt I was prepared until the rain fell. I struggled in moto one with traction and got a bad start, resulting in a seventh-place finish. In moto two, I ended up getting a flat tire halfway through. This made it challenging to ride the course and cost me a few positions.”

Max Lindquist claimed seventh in the pro class for the 2023 season. Photo credit: Tremellen Media House

Pro Sport
Londerville powered out of the gate into second-place during Heat 2, but made a mistake and slipped back a position. The 18-year-old held third for the remainder of the moto, ultimately securing a podium. 

Londerville was motivated to keep the momentum rolling in the next moto. Even though he pulled a great start aboard his Yamaha YFZ450R in Moto 2, bad luck quickly struck Londerville. In just a few turns, a collision resulted in him getting pushed to the back of the field. He fought hard to make up the gap between him and the field ahead, but ultimately was only able to reach 16th when the checkers flew.

Londerville landed 13th overall in Tennessee with his 3-16 results.

“My first moto was a mud moto,” said Londerville. “I came out second, made a mistake and got passed for second. I was in third battling and couldn’t gain a position due to the track conditions. In the second moto, I came out of the start in third but got tangled in the third corner, which put me over a minute behind everyone. I only managed to work my way back up to 16th.”

Quickly into the top five off of the start, Londerville went to work to reach the front of the field. He held fourth for the first half of the moto, before overtaking a competitor to shift into a podium position. Late in the race, the heat started to really take a toll on Londerville. He dropped to fifth, but was able to finish the race.

As the second moto countdown continued, Londerville made the tough decision to sit out due to experiencing heat illness.

While not the way he wanted to wrap up the season, his fifth-place result in Moto 1 and DNS gave him 15th overall on the weekend.

“I was feeling really good in qualifying and was over a second faster than everyone,” said Londerville. “I got off of the line fifth in moto one. I passed up to third and started catching second. Then, I suffered heat exhaustion pretty badly. I decided to sit the second moto out due to that, so it was quite a bummer on how the season ended.”   

Looking Forward
With the race year now complete, Lindquist and Londerville look forward to training in the off-season.

Lindquist ended the 2023 season seventh in the pro class standings.

“I’m not satisfied with my results this season, but I am motivated to keep pushing,” Lindquist said. “It all came down to my execution on the track, and I’m continually working to improve it. I’m looking forward to a little time away from the machine and regrouping to make steps forward for next season.”

Londerville completed a strong season, concluding the year fourth in the pro sport class and claiming fifth in the pro-am class.

“It’s definitely been a long race season with ups and downs,” Londerville said. ”This off-season, we’re going to put in the work and get the bikes dialed in and ready for next season.”

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Pro Overall Results

1. Chad Wienen, Yamaha
2. Joel Hetrick, Yamaha
3. Nicholas Gennusa, Yamaha

8. Max Lindquist, 4130 Motorsports

Pro Standings

1. Joel Hetrick, 442
2. Bryce Ford, 371
3. Chad Wienen, 368

7. Max Lindquist, 253

Pro Sport Overall Results

1. Mason Jackson, Yamaha
2. Blair Miller, Yamaha
3. Agostino Abbatiello, Yamaha

13. Jayden Londerville, 4130 Motorsports

Pro Sport Standings

1. Mason Jackson, 169
2. Brett Musick, 169
3. Blair Miller, 160

4. Jayden Londerville, 153

Pro-Am Overall Results

1. Mason Jackson, Yamaha
2. Joseph Chambers, Yamaha
3. Blair Miller, Yamaha

15. Jayden Londerville, 4130 Motorsports

Pro-Am Standings

1. Mason Jackson, 157
2. Kevin Saar, 152
3. Joseph Chambers, 144

5. Jayden Londerville, 131