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1 week ago

High Gear Success
Jayden Londerville Racing Keeps Podium Streak Alive at Ironman Raceway▪️4130 Motorsports Rider Ranked Second in Pro Sport and Pro-Am Classes🏁 Full Report: highgearsuccess.com/atvmx-round4-2024/ ... See MoreSee Less

2 weeks ago

High Gear Success
⬇ What it takes for me to write a race report ⬇☑️ Get quote from racer via voice memo or text describing race conditions, challenges, successes, and other relevant details☑️ Watch race and/or review timing & scoring online to understand the race action and results☑️ Contact photographer for images☑️ Develop storyline -- how do I want to convey the success of client?☑️ Craft headline and sub-headline☑️ Input results into race report☑️ Write race report/press release☑️ Change wording a bazillion times ☑️ Pause, then read for errors☑️ Input into Google Doc for additional grammar check after writing in Microsoft Word (for some reason, it does often find more errors)☑️ Use Microsoft "Read Aloud" to listen the report for any final typos☑️ Create email blast to send to racer's sponsors and fans, as well as media (includes text, images, results, point standings, links)☑️ Post content (again... text, images, results, etc.) to HighGearSuccess.com ☑️ Send test email to myself for another review ☑️ Log into racer's social media accounts and link to race report on website...that's it! 🙃 (oh, and this is after setting up all the tools -- like an email marketing platform, etc.)So if you're a racer looking for professional race reports to attract and impress sponsors, fans, and media, you likely don't have time for all of this ⬆️⬆️⬆️ That's why I handle it for you 👌 DM for details🏁 High Gear Success ... See MoreSee Less