Marketing Your Dealership

If you’re a powersports dealer, you know how critical it is to have quality customer service and efficient operations in order to build long-term relationships with customers. A piece of your overall dealership strategy should also include marketing and events.

Growing up in a family that has owned a powersports dealership since 1977, and I’ve coordinated multiple event and marketing efforts throughout the years.

Events are a great way to draw potential customers into the dealership and keep current customers engaged.

Events do require a significant amount of planning and the expense can vary. Some powersports dealers host events for special occasions, quarterly or even monthly.

The event should:

  • have a goal/strategy
  • be well-organized
  • employ a marketing plan
  • make an impact/have a return on investment (ROI)

So, let’s work together to get your powersports dealership noticed and building valueable relationships with customers.


  • Marketing and communications
  • Event operations strategy & support
  • Event promotion

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Heather Wilson was a featured presenter at OPE Business Magazine’s 2023 OPE Dealer Forum in Dallas, Texas.