1600 Single Buggy Driver Dylan Parsons Claims Top 10 Finishes at Crandon International Raceway

MANITOWOC, Wis. – Shock Tech/Kernz Racing’s Colin Kernz had another strong weekend at Championship Off-Road, taking fourth in Pro-Am Side-by-Side both days at Crandon International Raceway in Crandon, Wisconsin. He now has assumed the points lead for the class. Teammate Dylan Parsons took sixth in 1600 Single Buggy at Round 3 and 10th at Round 4. He also scored 12th in Pro Stock Side-by-Side on Saturday and Sunday.

Colin Kernz | Photo credit: FTAO Media / Kent Nyhus

Round 3: Saturday

Kernz said that Friday’s Pro-Am practice went well despite the track being wet. Feeling comfortable in his car, he headed into Saturday with confidence. However, the weather would not work out in Kernz’s favor at Round 3. While Crandon International Raceway is known for a land-rush start, the format was changed to the typical rolling start due to the rain. Kernz put the hammer down and got up to fourth. The track conditions continued to worsen, and Kernz ran out of tear-offs with a couple laps to go. He fought to see as the mud blasted him and his machine. He crossed the line in fourth, which earned him the points lead and the draw for the next day’s race.

“On Saturday, the weather was great all day until my class was up,” said Kernz. “In Crandon-fashion, it started to pour! After a short delay, I was finally on the track starting in seventh. I had to work my way up to fourth where I ran out of tear-offs on the second to last lap and decided to settle for fourth instead of a DNF. There were a few times where all I could see was mud, mud, mud. I finished Saturday in first for points and pulled an invert of two, meaning I would start in second.”

1600 Single Buggy
Parsons established himself early in the weekend, with his 1600 Single Buggy practice time less than 1 second off of the leader on Friday. When it came to race day, vision was key for drivers. The track quickly covered drivers and their machines in a thick layer of mud. Knowing this, Parsons’ checked his motorized tear-off system on his helmet one more time at the starting line and found that it had failed. His pit crew urgently had to switch his shield to tear-offs. After the start, he was caught up in a wreck in the first turn. He managed to escape with only minor damage and went to work to climb to sixth place, despite tear-offs being in short supply. He maintained the position and crossed the line with a solid sixth-place result.

“In practice we had the second-fastest lap time in 1600 and felt good going into Saturday,” said Parsons. “On Saturday, the track was heavily watered and we got tangled up in wreck in turn one. The only damage to the car was a bent nerf bar, and I managed to get back up to sixth with my visor open with no tear-offs left. I ran the second-fastest lap of the race in traffic and had confidence coming into Sunday.”

Pro-Stock Side-by-Side
Parsons struggled a bit in Pro Stock Side-by-Side, battling issues with launch mode on the starting line. He wasn’t able to get the start he desired, but was happy that his car remained out of crashes that took place on the track ahead of him. He settled for 12th at the checkered flag.

Pro-Am Side-by-Side Results

  1. Tyler Remmereld
  2. Mike Caswell
  3. Derek Liebergen

  1. Colin Kernz

Pro Stock Side-by-Side Results

  1. Brock Heger
  2. CJ Greaves
  3. Jake Kosmecki

  1. Dylan Parsons

1600 Single Buggy Results

  1. John Fitzgerald
  2. Jeff Bechinski
  3. Beau Ambos

  1. Dylan Parsons

Round 4: Sunday

Kernz got off to a sixth-place start in Pro-Am and quickly maneuvered his machine into fourth. He held steady in the spot for several laps before he noticed a loss of power. He later discovered that a wiring issue with the radiator had caused the motor to overheat. He didn’t push the car hard in the remaining two laps, in order to avoid further damage, and took fourth at the finish.

“On Sunday, the weather was much nicer,” Kernz said. “Off the start, we were in about sixth and worked our way up to fourth. I settled into fourth for about five or six laps. I noticed I was losing power, due to a wiring issue with the radiator which caused my motor to overheat. Luckily, it made it two more laps. I ended the race in fourth.”

1600 Single Buggy
Parsons encountered yet another complication in Turn 1, after getting tangled up in the same spot as the day prior, in 1600 Single Buggy. He was able to avoid a major issue and navigate away from the situation in the top five. By the halfway mark, he was running in a podium spot. Eager for the lead, he went to pass two cars at once in a turn and spun out. He recovered as quickly as he could, but lost several positions. He was able to power back up to 10th by the end of the race.

“I got tangled a bit at the start again in turn one but still came out in the top five,” said Parsons. “I ran third at the halfway caution, and made a move in the finish line turn to pass for the lead and spun myself out passing two cars at once for the lead. I still salvaged all the points I could and got back up to 10th.”

Pro-Stock Side-by-Side
Wisconsin-native Parsons faced another tough day in Pro-Stock Side-by-Side, with launch-mode still not working as intended and preventing him from a good jump off of the line. He battled his way through the field, but was only able to reach 12th by the end of the race.

Dylan Parsons | Photo credit: FTAO Media / Kent Nyhus

Pro-Am Side-by-Side Results

  1. Bill Berger
  2. Mike LeTourneau
  3. Jared Jadin

  1. Colin Kernz

Pro Stock Side-by-Side Results

  1. Owen VanEperen
  2. Brock Heger
  3. Dylan Marquardt

  1. Dylan Parsons

1600 Single Buggy Results

  1. Tony Keepers
  2. John Fitzgerald
  3. Michael Seefeldt

  1. Dylan Parsons

Looking Forward

Kernz has made a strong mark early in his first year of racing Pro-Am Side-by-Side, taking over the points lead at Round 3 and maintaining it after Round 4.

“We are leaving Crandon and going into ERX in first place in points, only by two,” Kernz said. “We have three weeks to prepare for ERX and are excited about what the rest of the season has to offer.” 

Parsons sits second in 1600 Single Buggy points after four rounds and is motivated to improve his 12th place standing in Pro Stock Side-by-Side.

“I am still second in points going into ERX — my favorite track of the year,” Parsons said. “I’m ready to put my head down and get some wins.”

Four weekends of racing remain. The next race takes place July 15-16 at ERX Motor Park in Elk River, Minnesota. Watch all the action of the 12-round series at floracing.com.

Standings (After Round 4)

Pro-Am Side-by-Side Standings

  1. Colin Kernz, 178
  2. Bill Berger, 176
  3. Drake Mittag, 150

Pro Stock Side-by-Side Standings

  1. Brock Heger, 204
  2. CJ Greaves, 168
  3. Jake Kosmecki, 167

  1. Dylan Parsons, 104

1600 Single Buggy Standings

  1. John Fitzgerald, 201
  2. Dylan Parsons, 167
  3. Jeff Bechinski, 164