Nine-Thousand Dollars of Purse Money Paid Out to Competitors at Southwest Pennsylvania Event

Team Action Off-Road won the overall. L-R: John Glauda Jr., Jay Shadron, and Cole Richardson. Photo Credit: Karyna Henry Photography 

REYNOLDSBURG, Ohio – More than 120 ATV competitors competed in the inaugural Kenda 9 Hours of Havok cross-country ATV endurance race in Berlin, Pennsylvania, on July 9, that paid out $9,000 in purse money. The pro team of Team Action Off-Road captured the overall after 25 laps and took home $6,000 in addition to the title.

“I think it’s safe to say the Kenda 9 Hours of Havok lived up to its name,” said Drew Blackley, Aftermarket Sales & Development Manager for Kenda Tire. “This event was a true testament of ATV endurance racing, and it was rewarding seeing so many teams, families and friends work together to complete this one-of-a-kind race. We cannot thank the Wilson Family of NECXC and the Walker family enough for hosting such an incredible event.”

Team Action Off-Road riders included Grand National Cross Country (GNCC) XC1 Pro competitor Cole Richardson of Edinburg, Pennsylvania, GNCC XC1 rider John Glauda Jr. of Waxhaw, North Carolina, and GNCC XC2 Pro-Am rider Jay Shadron of Acme, Pennsylvania.

Leading most of the early part of the event, Team Action Off-Road consistently put in 20- to 21-minute lap times on the 9.1-mile track. They switched out riders about every three laps. Around the middle of the grueling race, the team slipped back to second but was able to recover the lead after a few laps and held it to the finish line.

“I’ve done quite a few of the Heartland Challenges out there in Iowa, and the biggest thing is the drive,” said Richardson, a Kenda-sponsored rider. “It was awesome to bring that kind of racing to the east coast and have Kenda put it on. It’s always fun to get out there and team up with your competition. I think every team could say the same thing – there definitely was a lot of havoc. It was a very rocky and challenging event.” 

Teammate Shadron said it was his first time doing a team endurance race.

“It was a cool experience; definitely challenging and stressful watching times, when to switch, and making sure nobody had problems,” Shadron said. “The race went well, and we had a great team. The track was very challenging. The rocks were very hard on the bike and body as well. It’s definitely something I’d do again.”

 The BNR GBC Yamaha two-man team of Devon Feehan and Walker Fowler captured second overall, and the Nine2 Kenda Tires team of Steven Harrell, Michael Mcavoy and Tanner Walker took third.

In the Adult Ironman class, it was 14-year-old Jeremiah Wolf of Medina, Ohio, who took the win aboard his Honda 250 hybrid after putting in 20 laps. The $250 Adult Holeshot Award went to Steven Harrell of Elk Ridge, Maryland, who raced on the Nine2 Kenda Tire team.

Adult Ironman winner Jeremiah Wolf. Photo Credit: Karyna Henry Photography 

Adult Holeshot winner Steven Harrell. Photo Credit: Karyna Henry Photography 

The team All Gas No Breaks Racing captured the youth overall. Racing the Super 11-15 class, the team consisted of Trevor Meadows of Shady Spring, West Virginia, and Cody Whitaker of Bessemer City, North Carolina. Getting off to a third-place start in their class, they worked their way into the lead after just two laps of the 2.5-hour long race.

Gaydos Racing’s Cameron McGee of Elizabeth, Pennsylvania, took the Youth Ironman win on the 4.9-mile track. The $100 Youth Holeshot Award was grabbed by Carson Dearborn of Davis, West Virginia.

Team All Gas No Breaks won the youth overall. Photo Credit: Karyna Henry Photography 

Youth Ironman winner Cameron McGee. Photo Credit: Karyna Henry Photography 

Youth Holeshot winner Carson Dearborn of Davis, West Virginia. Photo Credit: Karyna Henry Photography 

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Sponsors of the event included Kenda, Action Offroad, BNR Motorsports, Steel City Poured Walls, JP Environmental, SUNSTAR, Wossner, Nine2, DP Brakes, COMETIC, Evans Coolant, Klotz, QuadTech, Waynesburg Yamaha, Outlaw Motorsports and Splitline Offroad Podcast.

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