Colin Kernz Captures First Win in Pro-Am Side-by-Side, Dylan Parsons Takes Sixth Podium of Season in 1600 Single Buggy

MANITOWOC, Wis. – The Shock Tech/Kernz Racing team had a strong weekend, with drivers Dylan Parsons and Colin Kernz taking wins at Bark River International Raceway in Bark River, Michigan. Parsons went 1-2 in 1600 Single Buggy, while Kernz went 14-1 in Pro-Am Side-by-Side. Kernz continues to lead the points in his class, and Parsons remains in second in 1600 Single Buggy.

Colin Kernz | Photo credit: FTAO Media / Kent Nyhus

Round 9: Saturday

After putting in the fastest lap in practice on Friday, Parsons was feeling well-prepared for the race on Saturday. However, the weather had other plans; rain all night on Friday and sporadically on Saturday, postponed the race by a few hours. Parsons raced 1600 Light Buggy as a backup driver for his friend and then continued to chase points in 1600 Single Buggy. Sitting on pole, he got off to a great start and captured the holeshot. With two laps to go, it began to downpour and the track got even slicker. Despite the challenging conditions, Parsons held the lead until the checkers flew to take his second win of the season.

“We started on pole in 1600 Single Buggy and took the holeshot,” said Parsons. “We never looked back and took the win!”

Kernz tested out different line options in Friday’s practice in preparation for Saturday’s race. He pulled an invert of six, which placed him sixth on the start. Unpredictable rain showers made for slick track conditions and difficult passing. As Kernz was steadily advancing towards the front of the pack, he got caught up in a wreck. After being pushed back to around 18th, and he was only able to recover a few positions before the end of the race.

“The track was a single line of somewhat dry dirt, and it made passing a challenge,” said Kernz. “I was making my way up to the front when the person in front of me spun out. I got collected in it, and it put me almost in last. I was about 18th at that point and made my way up to 14th.”

Pro-Am Side-by-Side Results

  1. Jake Jorgenson
  2. Tyler Remmereid
  3. Matthew Boerschinger
  1. Colin Kernz

1600 Single Buggy Results

  1. John Fitzgerald
  2. Dylan Parsons
  3. Tony Keepers

Round 10: Sunday

The next day, Kernz got to start in first and enjoyed much drier track conditions for Round 10. Lap after lap, he put down fast times in the lead. Hungry for a win after already tasting two podium results this year, he crossed the finish line to claim his first win of the season.

“I got to start in first and did not look back after that,” Kernz said. “I got first place and am back in the points lead heading into the next round.”

1600 Single Buggy
Parsons once again started the day in 1600 Light Buggy as a backup driver for his friend. The 1600 Single Buggy class kicked off with Parsons in third, and he immediately put his machine into second. A small mistake resulted in him going wide in a corner and getting passed. However, Parsons was able to recover the spot, after the leader lost a brake caliper, to eventually finish in second.

“The rain never really stopped overnight,” said Parsons. “It was a complete mudder once again. In 1600 Single Buggy, I started third and jumped right into second off the start. I was pushing for the lead on a track that really only had one race line. I made one mistake and pushed wide in a corner and got passed. The leader lost a brake caliper off his car coming into one of the last few corners, So I was able to sneak back into second.”

Dylan Parsons | Photo credit: FTAO Media / Kent Nyhus

Pro-Am Side-by-Side Results

  1. Colin Kernz
  2. Jake Jorgenson
  3. Mike LeTourneau

1600 Single Buggy Results

  1. Dylan Parsons
  2. Tony Keepers
  3. Thomas Trelstad

Looking Forward

Parsons continues to chip away at the points gap. With six podium finishes this year, just 27 points separate him from the leader in 1600 Single Buggy.

“I only gained a few points on the points leader, since I went 1-2 and he went 2-1 on the weekend,” Parsons said. “I’ll be coming into Crandon [International Raceway] with some momentum, and we will be pushing for the top spot and another world championship ring.”

Kernz has had a strong showing in his first year of running Pro-Am Side-by-Side. After scoring eight top-five finishes this season, he holds the points lead by a very narrow margin and will have to continue to drive smart in order to claim the championship.

“I am excited to see what Crandon [International Raceway] has in store for the last two races — hopefully no rain,” Kernz said. “Crandon has land rush starts, which aren’t my favorite. But I’m going to give it my all.”

One weekend of racing remains. The next race takes place September 2-3 at Crandon International Raceway in Crandon, Wisconsin. Watch all the action of the 12-round series at

Standings (After Round 10)

Pro-Am Side-by-Side Standings

  1. Colin Kernz, 424
  2. Bill Berger, 421
  3. Matthew Boerschinger, 372

1600 Single Buggy Standings

  1. John Fitzgerald, 485
  2. Dylan Parsons, 458
  3. Michael Seefeldt, 410