Dylan Parsons Claims Second in 1600 Single Buggy Championship

MANITOWOC, Wis. – The 2022 season has been one of strategy, determination and stamina for the Shock Tech/Kernz Racing team of Colin Kernz and Dylan Parsons. Kernz, a rookie in Championship Off-Road’s Pro-Am Side-by-Side class, locked up the championship at the final round of the series held at Crandon International Raceway in Crandon, Wisconsin. Teammate Parsons also had a stellar season in 1600 Single Buggy, capturing second in the championship.  

Colin Kernz | Photo credit: Harlen Foley

Round 11: Friday

Coming into the last two rounds of the season, Kernz was focused on locking up the championship. Practice went well on Thursday, and his team ensured the car was prepped for the next day’s competition. During Friday’s race, Kernz positioned himself in fourth early on, but struggled to keep pace for the duration of the race — dropping back to sixth. However, it was enough to finish ahead of this competitor, Bill Berger #75, who sat second in the series standings.   

“Practice on Thursday felt really good, and the car seemed to be running well,” said Kernz. “After practice, we checked the whole car thoroughly so we wouldn’t miss anything for the next day. On Friday, the first half of the race started out well. I was running close to fourth, trying to stay out of all the carnage. I knew I just had to be in front of the #75 car. The second half of the race, I fell off the pace slightly and lost a couple positions. I came out of the race six points ahead of my competitor who was second in points.”

1600 Single Buggy
Luck was not on Parsons side when it came to Friday’s race. He got caught up with other drivers in the first turn after the start, resulting in a flat tire. While he attempted to keep pace with the leaders, the tire was too much of a handicap to overcome. When the checkered flag flew, he finished in 10th place.

“Friday started out with getting tangled up in Turn 1 on the land rush start, resulting in a flat tire,” said Parsons. “I tried my hardest to stay with the leaders, but I was just was too far off pace with a flat.”

Pro-Am Side-by-Side Results

  1. Matthew Boerschinger
  2. Jake Jorgenson
  3. Kyle Sharkey

  1. Colin Kernz

1600 Single Buggy Results

  1. Beau Ambos
  2. John Fitzgerald
  3. Thomas Trelstad

  1. Dylan Parsons

Round 12: Saturday

For the final race of the year, Kernz knew he would have to beat Berger again to secure the championship. While Kernz had a good start, he soon got shuffled back several positions. He continued to concentrate on staying ahead of his top competitor in points, the race putting Kernz driving skills to the test. A 12th place finish was enough to secure the 2022 championship.

“I thought my start was going well, but I got pushed back a few spots,” Kernz said. “I had to work my way back up to the #75 [Bill Berger] car. I still knew I had to be in front of them or only one spot behind. I did not care of the exact position. The race was super hectic, but I finished well enough to take home the championship for the Pro-Am Side-by-Side class this year.”

1600 Single Buggy
A battle that Parsons and his teammate did not have to contend with was the weather. Sunny and dry conditions made for prime track conditions. However, other drivers added chaos on the track. Parsons once again got into a shuffle on the first lap, but he was determined to get to the front of the pack. He ran consistent laps on the rear wheels of the leaders. Parsons ultimately finished in third, which allowed him to bring home second in the championship for 2022.

“I again got tangled up on the first lap,” said Parsons. “I ran consistent laps, keeping pace with the leaders and putting in lap times within a few tenths of second of them.”

Dylan Parsons | Photo credit: FTAO Media / Kent Nyhus

Pro-Am Side-by-Side Results

  1. Tyson Marquardt
  2. Derek Liebergen
  3. Logan Christensen

  1. Colin Kernz

1600 Single Buggy Results

  1. Michael Seefeldt
  2. John Fitzgerald
  3. Dylan Parsons

Looking Forward

It’s been a standout year for Kernz, with eight top-five finishes this season, including one win as a rookie, in Pro-Am Side-by-Side. His performance throughout the season earned him the championship.

“Last year I got to celebrate by winning the Sportsman Side-by-Side championship,” Kernz said. “Now, I’m a back-to-back champion with winning the Pro-Am Side-by-Side championship. I am very grateful for all my sponsors throughout the year and all my friends and family who watched online or came to see me race. I do not know what next year holds yet, but I’m excited to see.”

With a sixth season under his belt in the 1600 Single Buggy class, Parsons has shown his competitors that he’s a force to be reckoned with year after year. After taking third in 2020, capturing the championship in 2021, and now taking second this season thanks to seven podium finishes, he is looking for a new challenge. He now turns his focus toward building a truck to race in the Pro Spec class for the 2023 season.

“I’m happy with second in points,” Parsons said. “There were just a few incidents at Crandon [International Raceway] that kept us from repeating the championship. It was also an accomplishment for our team to build a new car for Colin and have him move up a class and win another championship. Also, thanks to my sponsors, as well as John, Matt, Gerald, the Kernz family and my parents. Now, the work begins on building a truck for the Pro Spec class to move up into the pro truck ranks next year.”

Standings (Final)

Pro-Am Side-by-Side Standings

  1. Colin Kernz, 490
  2. Bill Berger, 463
  3. Matthew Boerschinger, 457

1600 Single Buggy Standings

  1. John Fitzgerald, 581
  2. Dylan Parsons, 534
  3. Michael Seefeldt, 499