Phoenix Racing Rider Locks Up 450A Championship

BUCHANAN, Mich. – Phoenix Racing’s Jayden Londerville claimed overall podium finishes in three classes at Round 9 of the ATV Motocross National Championship Series (ATVMX), an AMA National Championship. He captured the win in Production A with 1-1 moto finishes. He also took second in 450A, with 4-1 results, and wrapped up the championship a round early. He scored third in both Pro Sport motos at Redbud MX in Buchanan, Michigan, to secure third overall in Pro Sport.

Photo credit: Tremellen Media House

Pro Sport
Londerville has had a strong and consistent year in Pro Sport, with seven top-five finishes, and Redbud MX was no exception. In both motos, he got off to a top-five start. He then moved into third early in Moto 1, but the leaders were setting a blistering pace. While Londerville tried to make up the difference, he was unable to reach them before the end of the moto. 

In the second moto, he placed himself in third after just a couple of laps and kept the leaders in sight. Londerville continued to put down strong times, but wasn’t able to catch the leaders before the checkers flew. He ended the weekend with third overall, which also marked his third podium in Pro Sport this year. 

Production A
After a tough jump off the line, around eighth, Londerville went to work making several passes on the first lap before climbing his way into first. After he moved into the lead, he continued to push his pace. He set the fastest lap of the race at 01:53.798 on Lap 3, and then began his cruise to a win.

In Moto 2, the Wisconsin-native got a great start, narrowly missing the holeshot. However, he quickly snagged the lead spot within a few turns and pulled a gap on the rest of the field. He settled into the first-place spot for the remainder of the race. His 1-1 finishes earned him the overall win at Round 9.

With increased entries in 450A, the races were split into divisions. In his first race, Londerville pulled the holeshot and led until the second lap. Encountering a mechanical issue which only allowed him to run at half-throttle, Londerville had to settle for fourth place.

In Moto 2, he put his Yamaha YFZ 450R into the first-place spot by the third corner and maintained the lead for the remainder of the race. He also set the fastest lap of the race, a 01:48.283, at the midpoint. His 4-1 results not only allowed him to capture second overall but also claim the championship one round early.

“Overall, it was a good weekend,” said Jayden Londerville. “I could have minimized a few mistakes in the longer motos, but I feel like it was a decent points weekend.”

Londerville has claimed the 450A class championship early with seven podium results this year, and has overtaken the Production A points after earning his fourth win of the year. Londerville now sits third in Pro Sport headed into the final round.

The 10-round series continues on August 13-14 at Loretta Lynn Ranch in Hurricane Mills, Tennessee.

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Photo credit: Tremellen Media House

Pro Sport Overall Results

  1. Dane Molander, Walsh
  2. Aaron Salinas, Yamaha
  3. Jayden Londerville, Phoenix Racing

Pro Sport Standings

  1. Brett Musick, 164
  2. Aaron Salinas, 143
  3. Jayden Londerville, 135


Production A Overall Results

  1. Jayden Londerville, Phoenix Racing
  2. Juan Manuel Ondarcuhu, Yamaha
  3. Payden Lingle, Honda

Production A Standings

  1. Jayden Londerville, 158
  2. Payden Lingle, 154
  3. Juan Manuel Ondarcuhu, 135

450A Overall Results

  1. Cale Deal, Yamaha
  2. Jayden Londerville, Phoenix Racing
  3. Juan Manuel Ondarcuhu, Yamaha

450A Standings

  1. Jayden Londerville, 163
  2. Payden Lingle, 134
  3. Cale Deal, 133