1) Give fans and sponsors an inside look at your training
Are you working out in the gym or training on the track? Share one of your favorite workouts or practice sessions with a short video clip.

2) Preview an upcoming race
Chat about how you’re feeling, what you are anticipating from the track and what you hope to accomplish.

3) Talk about products you love (especially from sponsors)
Have a super awesome motorcycle seat that your fans should know about? Give your sponsor a spotlight on your social media.  

 4) Do a Facebook live after a race to update fans and sponsors on results and let them ask questions
Engaging with fans is huge! The more you can get people to interact with you, the better!

5) Share ways you are giving back to the community
Visit local children’s hospitals, attend community fundraisers and encourage others to join the cause.

These five simple and free ways to engage on social can amp up your racing career.