I’ve volunteered and worked with hundreds of event organizers who have an immense amount of skill and knowledge related to conducting a racing event, yet many struggle to properly promote their event.

It’s frustrating when staff or volunteers put hours, weeks and months into an event — that is poorly marketed — and then attendance suffers.

Here are five tips to help you promote your motorsports events:

  1. Build an email list of past participants: send them an email for save the date, when your pre-registration opens, and a reminder when it’s closing 
  2. Create a Facebook event: This is searchable and shareable
  3. Update your website: Ensure all the event details are on your organization’s website and easy to find
  4. Work with motorcycle shops: Email local dealers and ask them to notify their customers via email or fliers in the dealership
  5. Collaborate with event promotion websites: There are many discipline-specific websites that allow you to post and promote your racing events to its readers

Want help promoting your event?

Your hard work in preparing the event deserves to be rewarded with lots of customers!