Off-Road Racer to AMA Hall of Famer to AmPro Yamaha Team Owner

Clint Esposito and myself talk about Two Wheels to Freedom Fest

Then, we’re joined by Randy Hawkins – AMA Hall of Famer inducted in 2009 who has 73 AMA National race wins to his credit. Not only that, he is a seven-time AMA National Enduro Champion, a 13-time ISDE gold medalist and a two-time silver medalist.

He discusses the evolution of off-road racing and his transition into managing the AmPro Yamaha team. 

…There’s a window there that you come into it. You’re the best it can be at it or best at your level, then you kind of go out of that window just because of different age stuff. 

I’m a firm believer in that timing… when the timing hits right and you have all your abilities there, that’s kind of when the stars line up.”

Randy Hawkins – AMA Hall of Famer