Michael Leib – Co-Founder of Canvas MX: From Professional MXGP & SX Rider to Gear Company Co-Founder

Clint Esposito and myself chat about Yamaha’s Outdoor Access Initiative program and how non-profit organizations can utilize grants to make a positive impact within the industry.

Guest Michael Leib – Co-Founder of Canvas MX was a professional racer on the MXGP and Supercross circuits, but eventually went on to become the co-founder of a riding gear company. He and his business partner are shaking up what sponsorship might look like for a race team or individual rider through their unique riding gear that is fully customizable. 

“Title sponsorship gear for me, I think, is really unique because we can essentially make different gear per each weekend based on a title sponsorship.

Like let’s dream big here, let’s say FedEx has a reason to get involved with moto or whatever it is, and they want to just try it out. They want to go spend $10,000 for a round.

They’re going to bring all their employees or coworkers – whoever – managers. They’re going to bring those people out. They’re going to be more part of that team. They’ll get treated like royalty for that weekend.

They’re not committed to a whole year. It’s a way to break up the dollars that need to be brought in for these teams on a per race weekend rather than a whole year.”

Michael Leib – Co-Founder of Canvas MX