From Australia to Germany, Steve Sommerfeld’s Unique Journey in his Freestyle MX Career

Clint Esposito and myself discuss the upcoming SuperMotocross World Championship playoffs.

Then, we are joined by Steve Sommerfeld – athlete manager at Night of the Jumps and host of The Rider’s Lounge Podcast to discuss his journey into rider management and learn about the intricacies behind ramp construction for FMX shows.

“I like that that whole story started with you being like ‘We were in a hot tub talking about tricks we were working on’ and you just realized you weren’t working that good of tricks…”

Clint Esposito – Co-Host of Pit Pass Moto

“Basically… I was working on doing a double-grab or rock solid or a seat grab or something in the swimming pool. Clinton Moore — and I could be mixing stories here but I really don’t think I am — he worked out how Kyle Loza did this one body variable called the electric doom and he worked it out. It was something very small that most people would never notice but Clinton had figured it out… That’s when I realized these two guys were on a whole other level that I was not even thinking about.”

Steve Sommerfeld – Athlete Manager at Night of the Jumps