Racer Turned Videographer and Off-Road Tour Operator

Cole Kirkpatrick – co-owner of Gnarly Routes and owner of Kirkpatrick Digital Cinema talks with Clint and myself about his journey into enduro riding. He also recalls details of competing in the International Six Days Enduro and Last Man Standing.

We learn about his career as a videographer for some incredible manufactuers and brands. Plus, his experience co-owning an off-road tour business with five-time AMA National Enduro Champion Russell Bobbitt. 

We also recap Supercross Round #16 in Denver, with Honda HRC’s Jett and Hunter Lawrence making history as the first brothers to finish 1-2.

“I always remember my dad was never really hard on my brother and I racing.

He and my mom were super supportive and really encouraging, but finishing was always the goal, no matter what. It wasn’t: ‘You gotta win.’

It was just, ‘Let’s just finish,’ you know. To finish first, first you must finish. And so that was always a big thing for me.

I don’t really have much quit in me, and so that was another event where there were a whole bunch of times I was like, you know, ‘Oh, this is hard.’

But I don’t ever remember thinking I wanted to give up. And so it was cool to just kind of continue to keep that ball rolling.”

Cole Kirkpatrick, Co-Owner of Gnarly Routes