From Dirt to Pavement

Carl Schlacht – Bagger Racing League Competitor and former Supercross racer – joins myself and Clint to share his experience with transitioning into road racing.

He details his bike modifications and the attention to detail needed to be a competitive racer in Bagger Racing League.

He also discusses his ventures as a photographer and videographer, as well as being a riding coach with The Speed Farm.

But first, Heather and Clint take a look at the results from X Games Ventura!

“We’re getting in the weeds here. Do you modify the [saddle]bag to run the exhaust behind it?”

Clint Esposito – Co-host

“Yeah. They’re running shorter bags, you know? They got angles on them. Every, like, every bike is different, and literally, they’re a work of art, down to the machined valve cover and rocker covers. If you look at these, they’re a work of art..”

Carl Schlacht – Bagger Racing League Competitor