An Electric Dirtbike Fit for All Levels of Riders 

Clint Esposito and myself chat with Colin Godby – CEO of Dust Moto. He talks about what inspired him and his co-founders to create Dust Moto and what market research they did to create their first model. 

Best first bike doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s only for first time riders, because ultimately what we are trying to do here in any sport or hobby is to have fun. If the time to having fun is reduced for a new rider, it could be the same for experienced/advanced riders.

Like flip the switch, jump on the bike. It’s sorted. It corners really well. It’s got great power. I’m having fun and smiling faster than I am on my big bike. That’s kind of the idea behind backyard tracks or, you know, sessioning the hills.

A lot of people just want to go out and rip some laps and smile. So if we can make that faster, you know, or shorten the time to get to that kind of level of enjoyment – then we’ve won.

Colin Godby – CEO of Dust Moto