Winning Ways

Ava Silvestri – 2X AMA West Hare Scrambles Pro Women Champion – joins myself and Clint to share insight into her training and competition goals in the future, as well as her upcoming participation in the 2024 ISDE.

She’s a GasGas support rider, the 2022 and 2023 AMA West Hare Scrambles Pro Women Champion, and a three-time Girls 12-16 National Champion in the hare scramble series. She also was the WORCS Women’s A Champion in 2019.

During race weeks, it’s not super hard or anything. Usually just ride one to two days. I usually have a light recovery cycle on race weeks. And then non-race weeks, it’s a lot more heavy on the training.

I usually ride three to four days a week on off weeks. Me and my trainer, we’ve been focusing a lot on sprints during the week and just focusing on sprint speed on the bike. Off the bike, my fitness is pretty good. So we just do a lot of stuff, obviously, to continue to grow it and maintain it. Usually off weeks, I have a long cycle in there — two hours to two and a half hours. Probably one or two gym days.

It’s pretty stacked during the week, but it’s good. I like it and it’s new for me this year — new training program. So it’s definitely a learning curve for me as well, and learning what your body needs.

You can go to the gym as much as you want and do regular basic stuff, but it’s nice to know that I’m actually doing stuff focused for dirt bikes.

Ava Silvestri, 2X AMA West Hare Scrambles Pro Women Champion