Securing Employment in the Motorcycle Industry

Jason Gearld – Business Development Manager at Motorcycle Industry Jobs – joins myself and Clint. He shares how integral connections and relationships are to finding employment in the industry.

A man of many passions, he loves helping people find new roles within the indsutry. Plus, he is also the founder and owner of Phoenix Handlebars. 

We do Cycle News ads. You just try to be on the tip of people’s tongues. Not what you know, not who you know, but who knows you… that when somebody’s thinking about a job, they think about MIJ.

Jason Gearld, Business Development Manager at Motorcycle Industry Jobs

“You guys sort of take a different approach to the job postings and descriptions. So a lot of your stuff that I’ve seen is kind of sarcastic and funny, which I appreciate, and it catches your attention.”

Heather Wilson, co-host

I’ve gotten my hand slapped multiple times from some employers that say, ‘You know, can you stick to our job description?’ And I always say your job description is your job description. When they crack open the thing and read it, it’s in your language. All I’m doing is putting stuff out on social media and my LinkedIn to try to get eyeballs on it.

And the truth is, I want to get smiles out of people, and I want people to think about our jobs and just remember us. And I think I do an okay job with that because, again, my mom does read them.

I got stopped at AIMExpo, and people told me that they liked what I wrote, which always makes me laugh when I get my hands slapped by an employer.

Jason Gearld, Business Development Manager at Motorcycle Industry Jobs