Flat Track Runs in the Family

Kody Kopp – Pro Flat Track Racer & 2x AFT Singles Champion – joins myself and Clint to discuss his journey into flat track racing, some of the more technical aspects of flat track racing, and the challenges different tracks can bring.

He also offers insight into the current season, aiming for a third-consecutive win in the AFT Singles Championship. 

Our smaller tracks, the short tracks, we will go 60 to 80 miles an hour, I’d say regular. But our big tracks, the miles and even the Peoria TT… the mile is the fastest one that we race, obviously, just distance-wise, long straightaways.

And our class, I think they’re like 115-ish. Twins class, they’re closer to 130. Those mile tracks, they get fast.

And we are always in leathers. A couple years ago, I can’t remember what year it was, but they mandated airbag suits from a couple different companies that make them. You have to run an airbag to make it through tech that day or to enter the track.

So, that’s been a great thing they’ve done. Alpinestars and Dainese, they’ve developed some great airbags that know the mechanism on when to go off.

It’s saved a lot of people, I know that.”

Kody Kopp, Pro Flat Track Racer & 2x AFT Singles Champion

“Have you used it yet — your airbag suit?”

Clint Esposito, co-host

“I’ve used it once on a test day. Knock on wood. I haven’t had to use… Or, I take that back. I did use it last year in a practice session.

Went out with a fresh tire on a very slick track and just went right to the ground. Used the airbag and also used the airbags that they wrap around our track.

Kody Kopp, Pro Flat Track Racer & 2x AFT Singles Champion