Influencing the Future of Motorcycling & Documenting History

Jon Freeman – Co-Creator of Crusty Demons – provides insight into the wide variety of locations and sports that he has documented over the years, as well as his current projects.

He discusses with myself and co-host Clint how he and Dana Nicholson filmed Crusty Demons of Dirt. This film is well-known to many and contributed to the rise of freestyle motocross.

“That was an interesting thing, because there was a promoter down there in Chile. Chile owns the island of Easter Island. They call it Rapa Nui. So, we made a deal with a promoter. If we come down there, we bring the guys and we perform in your show — halftime show at a supercross or a motocross outdoor thing — get me Easter Island.

And he’s like, “Oh, man, how am I going to get you Easter Island?” I made a promo video that showed all the National Geographic looking things that I could think of that we filmed. Not the accidents, not the craziness, not the parties… just, you know, beautiful animals and tundra of like Africa and Brazil. And so they liked it.

It took three months, and I got the call from the guy and he said, “We’re in.”

I got permission and I was like, “Well, how do we get there?”

Jon Freeman, Co-Creator of Crusty Deamons